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    what's the source of an employer's obligation to buy food for traveling employees?

    the proposed reg's "per diem" requirement says employers must pay for meals for business travelers. since "eating" is primarily for the employee's benefit (and would be accomplished regardless of the travel), why should the employer buy the food?

    is the "per diem" only supposed to cover the "added" cost of food for the traveler (i.e., it assumes on-the-road eating is more expensive than at-home)? i don't think so.

    so, is there any authority for requiring an employer to buy food for a traveling employee?

    Michael P in San Diego

    Business travel sucks. You work long hours, you don't exercise, you eat what you can when you can, which usually means fast food. I'm not in my home town so I can't see the people I want to see, attend events, classes, etc. I'm the property of my employer, not just from 8am to 5pm, but from Monday to Friday when I arrive home. My life during that week is out of my control. Therefore, the employer should pay to sustain me through this unnaturally long period which means my bed, my meals and maybe even my laundry. Much the same as those that serve overnight shifts in the military, firehouses, oil rigs, etc.

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